BosPal boxes and pallets

Innovation for safe transport

We produce transport pallets and packages designed to precisely fit the shape of the carried object. Our products are manufactured in an innovative way - high load capacity wood pressing.

BosPal packages guarantee unprecedented cargo protection and cost savings. They also simplify exporting as they do not require applications of phytosanitary measures or IPPC markings.

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About us

As a company operating in the warehousing machinery industry since 1995, we have been facing multiple challenges related to industrial components’ packaging and transportation. To overcome these challenges we have invented a solution – BosPal.

We can proudly declare we are the only company in the world offering customizable presswood packaging solutions. With our pool of industrial engineers, an incorporated factory and a reliable customer support we offer precise and customer-friendly order fulfilment.

Additionally, we offer a direct rental system supported with warehousing space, transportation carriers and segregation. Our rental system is also backed with utilization and recycling services that are easy to integrate with every company’s logistic cycle.

A wide range of applications.

Regardless of its use, packaging constantly evolves. Our packaging solutions are adaptable. Our mission is to meet your company’s needs and provide you with a dedicated and optimized packaging solution. We strive to do our best to exceed our customers’ expectations.

Our products have a wide range of application in domestic electrical appliances, metallurgy, automotive, machinery, tool, paper and brewing industries, as well as in arms, chemical and construction industries.

All boxes are fully foldable and therefore reduce transport costs. Solutions offered by Eddi Complex enable optimal load and storage. This is turn saves you space in the pick-up zone and in the warehouse.

Innovative transport packaging

Using BosPal pallets and boxes allows you to make the most out of your space and leads to significant savings in additional product transportation costs.

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